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Summary of Personal Learning For ETDC 300

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Recap of Learning Project and Final Thoughts...

Week 1 :  My blog post this week focused on getting my ducks in a row. During this week, I took my seedlings and transported them into larger solo cups. For my seedlings, I found the best success with the Jiffy Pods . They were a super easy and effective tool to use when starting a plant from seed. I have attached a photo of my "Before" and "After" photo.  Week 2: As with many learning experiences, there are ups and downs. This week I experienced, some down. Where I reside had multiple inches of rain within a few days. My garden space where I was to plant my transplanted seedlings was a huge mud hole! While the weather was poor this week, I took the time to research how to make gorgeous flower pots. Below, I have attached some photos of the pots I created! Week 3: Another week had gone by and the weather at home had not improved. This week I also came to the realization that the weather greatly impacts my new hobby. This week, my blog post was focused on where I sho


    When I think of Fake News, it will always remind me of my Dad yelling "Fake News" absurdly loud to any unrealistic or exaggerated comment any of my family members say. But Fake News is so much more than this quirky comment I often hear in my household. Fake News is essentially the 2022 term for propaganda. An article by TRU Libraries shares why fake news is more common now than ever by stating, " It is primarily because fake news is easy to create, spreads rapidly and is easily consumed in our 24/7 news cycle.".  A fake, unrealistic, and exaggerated accusation. An example of this would be outrageous magazine headlines one would see as they check out at the grocery store. "Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West BACK Together", "Prince Harry's Secret Wedding", "90's Sitcom Friends is BACK". Although Friends coming back, truly would make my life complete, this is #FakeNews. I joke about this fake news headline, but in reality, f

Gardening Got Me Feeling Defeated

     Well, today is Week 5 of my Learning Project.  Week 5 was a very hard week in regards to my Learning Project. While being away for the weekend, our farm received a huge rain and wind storm. Many of my seedlings did not survive. This week I felt major defeat. Many of my seedlings have been nurturing since March.       I decided to scratch my original garden plans and plant my garden into a raised garden bed on the side of our house.  When the weather decides to cooperate, I will be using my garden space for seeds I have not started yet. With changing the plans of my Learning Project, I feel the failure of my Learning Project. Raised Garden Bed & Garden Space      So, in my raised garden bed I will plant, green onion, parsley, beets, and dill. I decided to narrow down my quantity of food and focus on what we eat most. My specialty is making Beatnicks for my family to enjoy. By having garden-grown beats in my raised garden bed, I will have beet leaves easily accessible to me. In

Putting On My Cybersleuthing Hat

It began with a Google Search for Hannah Martin... nothing applicable  Then I tried Hannah Martin Regina, with the hope she was from Regina... nothing applicable       This is when I realized I was really going to have to put my C ybersleuth Hat on and get down to business. Next, I went to Twitter and found Hannah's account.      I was super interested in her tweets as I scrolled through. Both mine and Hannahs's interests seem to align greatly. First is our passion for #inclusiveedcution. As an Inclusive Education minor, I always feel a connection to people who have studied the same fields as I have. Next, Hannah shared in her Twitter bio that she is an animal lover. This was yet another interest we shared. Finding Hannah's Twitter was the easiest for me as we already followed one another. This was too easy, so I tried to dig a little deeper. Without going into too much detail, I was able to find that Hannah followed 10 of the same people I did on Instagram. This wasn'

Maintaining My Flower Pots

 Hi all!     I recently have done a bit of research in regard to maintaining my flower pots since it's the only crop I currently have right now. Four of the flower pots I have created have petunias in them. I have come to realize they have quite a bit of maintenance. I have found myself outside slowly picking away at my flower pots to perfect them. After some thought, I realized I actually had zero ideas about what I was doing so this is how this blog bost came to bloom (see what I did there).  - What is the correct way to deadhead petunias?       Thanks to Homes and Garden ,  I know all the steps of how to deadhead a Petunia flower. Although it's pretty straightforward, there are some techniques. The correct way to deadhead a Petunia begins with ensuring the flower is dead. If the flower is drooping and strived up, it is time to remove the dead flower.  First, you will need to decide if you want to remove the dead flower with your fingers or a garden tool such as scissors. Nex

Gardening Is My JAM

Welcome back!     As I write this blog post, the sun is shining down on my empty and wet garden bed. In the last 4 days, we have received roughly 2 inches of rain. I had planned to put my garden in this past weekend but, the rain has resulted in a very muddy garden space. The forecast for the next few days is calling for sunshine so I am hoping the sunny days that approach will dry my garden up. If this is the case, the garden will be put in this weekend! So while the rain poured down, I decided to do some planning and research for my garden space. For my planning, I used the Google Tool, Jamboard . So, here is my review:     I may be one of the only Education Students who has never used Jamboard. I have heard about Jamboard within classes and classroom experience but I have never created one. As I navigated around this new tool, I found a few pros and cons. Pros: - I enjoyed the fact that Jamboard had a Google Image extension. I am a HUGE visual learner and will often use photos or dr